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From the preemie in a brightly lit hospital ward, to the older baby too distracted by life to focus on breastfeeding, the NapCap® blocks out over stimulating distractions allowing baby to concentrate on his mother’s face as he nurses!  

CPSIA Tested, Approved, and Passed. No Lead.

“I am a mother of a 4 month old and found NapCap so much help at nursing time.  My baby was getting more curious and fidgety when nursing and therefore cutting short the time I could engage her in nursing, resulting in less than satisfactory feedings.  I decided to give NapCap a try at feeding time, and NapCap came to the rescue.  I arranged the soft veil to half-way down, so that the veil covered only the periphery of my baby’s eyes.  NapCap’s veil design folded down to just cover the side of her face (like side blinders).  With this blocking of distractions from the side, I could still look directly into my baby’s eyes and she could look into mine, but NapCap prevented her from being distracted by the surrounding stimulating environment.   I am so happy with NapCap because I have a new solution to making the nursing of my baby easier and better for both of us.  It seems NapCap was invented to help sleeping, but it also helped my baby focus on nursing.”    Breast Feeding Mother.

“I can’t believe I did not invent this great hat!  As a pediatric R.N. for 35 years I had to “jerry rig” anything I could to keep the bright lights and stimulation of the hospital from babies.  Preemies especially need low stimulation and respite from bright lights to grow and rest.  We had to take care to keep the face and airway clear and that was difficult with a cloth diaper or whatever else we tried to use.  Teri solved this problem!!  Peg L., R.N.



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